The dirt is flying! Louisiana Highway construction projects in Iberia Parish

62c89d41c72fbThe following is an article published in the July 10, 2022 Daily Iberian.

Summer is here and that means our friends and family will be traveling on summer vacations! Inevitably, when returning from those vacations there will be a common echo in vehicles entering back into our great state of Louisiana,

‘Well, we know we are back home, now that we have gotten back on Louisiana roads!’

For many years now, there have been plenty of acknowledgements of the backlog of road maintenance and overlay projects that Louisiana highways have not seen.

The City of New Iberia recently announced and started a $12 million road repair project!  Kudos to Mayor Freddie Decourt and the City Council for the leadership.  A recent poll in Louisiana House District 48 showed that over 75% of respondents indicated that repairing our roadways should be a top priority Louisiana! Seeing the road construction progress in the City of New Iberia has spurred the request for updates on state highways and road construction projects nearby.  In particular:

‘When is Hwy 90 going to be repaired’?

Great news, the dirt is about to start flying!

There are two huge projects are about to begin!  Most importantly within the next several months, Hwy 90 between Jefferson Terrace and Center St is going out to bid.  LA DOTD will be resurfacing this stretch of highway in both East and Westbound directions, spending just shy of $4 million on the project.  The next phase of that project, which is scheduled for letting (bid), is on Hwy 90 from Jefferson Terrace to Patout Rd (LA Hwy 85). Breaking ground within the next month will be Daspit Rd (LA Hwy 86) from Cemetery Hwy to Lake Dauterive Road in Loreauville!  This is a $3.85 million dollar refurbishment of Daspit Road!  DOTD just finished up a major project on Hwy 86 from Jane St across the Daspit Rd bridge to Cemetery Hwy.  This new project picks up where they left off last year!

The largest project impacting the intersections of Iberia/Lafayette/St Martin Parishes will be the new interchange overpass at Hwy 90 and the Ambassador Caffery extension.  This project provides an additional interchange needed for I49 South and has cost estimates in excess of $110 million.

The good news is that the monies flowing into Louisiana are being used in a responsible manner on road and infrastructure projects; the not so good news is that we all have to get used to driving under construction (we haven’t had that problem in a while)!  By no means do these projects solve all of our highway projects; but it’s a great start!  Here is a listing of a handful of the state road projects that are scheduled and/or have received funding:

  • LA Hwy 86: between LA 3242 – LA 347; $3,850,000; scheduled in 2022
  • LA Hwy 88: Realign Curves in Coteau; $3,254,000; scheduled in 2022
  • LA 675: Airport Rd Roundabout;  $2,500,000; scheduled in 2022
  • LA Hwy 87: between LA 3182; .072  miles SE of LA 670 ; $2,680,000 scheduled in 2022
  • Eighty Arpent Road – Bridge Replacement; $388,000; scheduled in 2022
  • US Hwy 90: LA 14 – LA 83; $3,560,000; scheduled in 2022
  • LA 676: LA 14 – LA 675; $2,000,000; scheduled in 2022
  • US 90 Frontage Road; $350,000; scheduled for letting in 2023
  • US 90 Rail Spur; SE of LA 85; $23,360,000; scheduled for letting in 2023
  • LA 675 & LA 87 Overlay; $3,079,000; scheduled for letting in 2023
  • US 90 (EB): LA 83-LA85 overlay; $3,208,000; scheduled for letting in 2023
  • LaSalle St and Hanger Road Extension; $400,000 in P2 funding from Capitol Outlay
  • Labit Road improvements; $400,000 issued in Capitol Outlay

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