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A transparent headshot of Beau Beaullieu in a blue coat and red tie.


Meet Representative Beau Beaullieu

Beau Beaullieu is a conservative small businessman and lifelong resident of Iberia Parish. Beau believes in smaller government, less regulation and that fixing our budget problems can be done without putting unnecessary burdens on the back of our hardworking families.



As your State Representative, Beau is focused on building a better Louisiana. Guided by his conservative roots and 20 years of business experience, Beau is ready to make the tough decisions needed for our community.

Protecting the lives of the unborn

As a Catholic, Beau was raised to respect the sanctity of life. He believes that life begins at conception and must be protected.

Keeping oil and gas jobs here in Acadiana

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Beau believes that many problems can be solved with the development of a strong economy. That is why he is focused on keeping great paying jobs here in Louisiana. He recognizes that Acadiana is rich in resources when it comes to knowledge, talent and experience in working in the Oil and Gas industry.

Lowering insurance rates through needed legal reforms

It sounds like it would be easy, but decades of adverse legal conditions have led to some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. For starters, Louisiana needs to address the collateral source rule, lower the jury trial threshold, end direct action and repeal the seat belt gag rule.


Legislative leaders, @SchexnayderClay, @beaubeaullieu & Senator Mike Reese, spoke on our “Legislative Lowdown: Update From Louisiana Legislative Leadership” panel giving an update on where Louisiana is headed & what to expect for Louisiana’s 2023 Legislative Fiscal Session.

The Center for Literacy & Learning thanks @beaubeaullieu for supporting literacy in Louisiana not only this year, but every year. Let's continue working together so that everyone can feel empowered through literacy!
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My #Rumble video interview with @beaubeaullieu about his legislation for 2022
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HB681, Speaker @SchexnayderClay’s CA which streamlines LA’s sales and use tax administration system, just passed through House W&M Committee with technical amendments to make the posture of the bill more similar to last year’s HB199.

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Want to know more about the amendments you will be voting on during the November and December elections? Review PAR’s Guide to the 2022 Constitutional Amendments. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Beau Beaullieu, District 48 State Representative
Senator Mike Reese and I addressed the state’s leading economic development leaders and walked them through the state’s tax reform and our hopeful thinking about future reforms.They thanked us for focusing on economic development and making the creation of jobs a #1 priority.I was happy to be a participant along with Sen. Patrick McMath, Sen Mike Reese, Sen. Sharon Hewitt, Rep. Scott McKnight, former Senator Rick Ward and Jason DeCuir. ... See MoreSee Less
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Check this out:Received the honor of being named a "Most Valuable Policy Maker" for the third year in a row! I appreciate being recognized for doing the right things for our businesses. See the full Louisiana Association of Business and Industry - LABI SCORECARD here: ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Beau Beaullieu, District 48 State Representative
Geaux Tigers! ... See MoreSee Less
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Great to see this project moving forward for the Village of Loreauville! Great example of leadership in Mayor Brad Clifton and the Loreauville Council!I’m sure many are wondering what’s going on! Well, this is the site of our New Fire Station!!! About 6 years in the making! This will solidify our 3 fire rating! What is a 3 you ask, well the lower the number the better the rating and the better home insurance rates over the long term. Our Volunteer Fire Department has worked extremely hard to get to a 3. We have been really lucky to have members throughout the years to get and keep a 4 and this new membership built on the things that they did to get us to a 3! This new station will face Main to give a true community presence and will have the opportunity to shave precious time off of their response times! This project has been pushed hard and we would like to thank our representatives! Rep. Beau Beaullieu has worked so hard to get this project to this point I can’t even express the gratitude we have for him! Rep. Mike Huval has been a champion for the betterment of our community! And many of y’all may not know how lucky we are to not only have two reps working for us we actually have three because Loreauville native Blake Miguez has been instrumental in advocating for Our Community!!! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!! ... See MoreSee Less
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