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As your State Representative, Beau is focused on building a better Louisiana.  As a businessman for nearly two decades, Beau has had to balance budgets and make tough decisions on behalf of his customers.  Now, he brings his much needed business sense to the capitol.

True to his conservative Cajun roots, Beau is a staunch advocate of the South Louisiana way of life and culture.

Protecting the
lives of the unborn

As a Catholic, Beau was raised to respect the sanctity of life.  He believes that life begins at conception and must be protected.


Keeping oil and gas jobs
here in Acadiana

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Beau believes that many problems can be solved with the development of a strong economy.  That is why he is focused on keeping great paying jobs here in Louisiana. He recognizes that Acadiana is rich in resources when it comes to knowledge, talent and experience in working in the Oil and Gas industry.

Lowering insurance rates through needed legal reforms

It sounds like it would be easy, but decades of adverse legal conditions have led to some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. For starters, Louisiana needs to address the collateral source rule, lower the jury trial threshold, end direct action and repeal the seat belt gag rule.

 Upholding the
Second Amendment

Beau is an avid hunter and shooter; teaching his children to use and respect guns.  He believes guns are a way of life in Louisiana. He also believes that as individuals, we have the right to have the tools we need to personally protect ourselves and our families.

Fixing our roads and
drainage infrastructure

Residents of Louisiana have known for a while that our roads and infrastructure need great improvements.  But rather than pass another tax, Beau wants to explore private-public partnerships and federal funds to help solve this puzzle.

Keeping our best and
brightest resources here in Louisiana, our kids

Beau, a father of school-age kids, knows this better than anyone. He believes in order to build a strong future for Louisiana, we have to create a more business friendly atmosphere and attract good paying jobs that keep our children from moving out of state for greener pastures.

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