Bill passed to aid disabled veterans with education fees

LOUISIANA (KLFY) – Military veteran and current University of Louisiana Lafayette student, Francis Dorsey, is helping make a difference for all disabled veterans across Louisiana.

With his help, House Bill 167 was passed by a unanimous vote on Monday to allow for disabled veterans in Louisiana to get their education fees taken care of through federal funding.

This comes regardless of the Veteran’s Disability percentage and regardless of the Veteran’s Post 9/11 Educational Benefit percentage. The bill allows for more opportunities to many who need it.

“I battled with my own demons from then until now and education is what saved me, so I am hoping to save another veteran from a dark and possibly dead place that he or she may be going,” said Dorsey.

Dorsey was honorably discharged from the military years ago. Since then, he has made it his mission to be able to help veterans from being in places he was before. He has been working on something like this for a very long time he was able to get multiple state representives on board with his plan including Beau Beaullieu.

“Our goal through this legislation and through other legislation that we have worked on and are continuing to look at is to make Louisiana the most veteran friendly state in the nation and we are well underway,” said Beaullieu.

Representative Beaullieu said this bill will go into effect Aug. 1 with more plans to help out the people who served this country coming in the near future.