Rep. Beau Beaullieu Quoted in LA Politics Weekly Article: “Coming In Hot”

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Issue 1410 — April 11, 2024
By Jeremy Alford & David Jacobs — 225-772-2518 — @LaPoliticsNow

Coming in Hot

CC24 rollout begins next week

By law, the regular session must adjourn by 6 p.m. on June 3.

But Capitoland’s smartest cookies already know an earlier ending is possible as Gov. Jeff Landry and his legislative team begin in earnest to push a proposed constitutional convention.

HGA Chair Beau Beaullieu will present his enabling legislation for the first time next week and he expects the governor (as previously reported here) to publicly release his slate of potential appointees.

New details for the enabling legislation and more information about subject matter are forthcoming as well.

Yet nothing trumps timing. Will CC24 architects stick by their target of a May 20 sine die for the regular session, as outlined in the enabling legislation? For now, the answer seems to be yes, according to the author.

To get CC24 up and running, and to have a proposed constitution placed on the fall ballot alongside the candidacy of former President Donald Trump, boosters will have to act swiftly.

(If this process survives a convention and makes it to a ratification vote, the question then becomes how interested will Trump be in helping the new charter pass. The Trump machine, after all, is fully behind Landry, and a new constitution would be a crowning moment.)

As Beaullieu begins to move his bill to call the convention, the regular session’s other bills and resolutions will also either be fast-tracked, slow-played or put to rest.

Put another way, the constitutional convention bill will dictate the remaining pace of the regular session.